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About Caretta Caretta’s
Published on Çarşamba, Eylül 1, 2010 by Is the extent of blue to green, where people re-find himself as one of Dalyan, Iztuzu beach face shows every season and a paradise of nature. Millions of colors in nature as one is faced with the extinction of sea turtles Caretta caretta in the world can live in one of the last point is İztuzu Beach. List of endangered animals in the world in this cute sea turtle...
How to get to Dalyan? – Transportation in Dalyan?
Published on Çarşamba, Eylül 1, 2010 by How you can reach with a Dalyan ... HEAVEN IZ. Despite being close to many famous tourist center, Dalyan may wonder how you could come to the intact today. This is because, in the course of 12 kilometers from the main road. This is why "Hidden paradise" as he managed to stay up to date state of nature. (daha&helliip;)...
Dalyan Boat Trips And Tours
Published on Çarşamba, Eylül 1, 2010 by If you like adventure day trips you go ... Life in Dalyan has become synonymous with water. Until recently, life was completely over the boat. Weddings used to be on a boat going in convoys. Goods to be sold, are brought to markets by boat, and bring the needs would be taken. "Imam of the boat," You have heard the term. Is the boat really im...
About Dalyan
Published on Pazartesi, Ağustos 30, 2010 by One of the few ecosystems in the world of the Dalyan delta, millions of years, the ongoing result of tectonic movement has occurred. East and west, bounded by forest-covered mountains of the Dalyan delta, sweet, salty and thermal waters are formed by the chain of life as a result has an incredible view of the labyrinth. Koycegiz Lake and Dalyan channel which connect...
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