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Caretta Caretta

Is the extent of blue to green, where people re-find himself as one of Dalyan, Iztuzu beach face shows every season and a paradise of nature. Millions of colors in nature as one is faced with the extinction of sea turtles Caretta caretta in the world can live in one of the last point is İztuzu Beach. List of endangered animals in the world in this cute sea turtles, their eggs, they come to the purchase costs.

Dalyan people, the efforts currently under protection Iztuzu beach. Or even 1980? Li years began construction on the Turkish-German partnership a hotel laid the foundations after the Dalyan people, and lived here from foreigners, especially the “Captain in June known as the British in June Haimoff, Natural Life Protection Association (DHKD), World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and the World Conservation Union’s (IUCN) with the support the campaign as a result in 1986 at İztuzu Beach scheduled for a major tourism investment cancellation of sea turtles and environmental protection efforts as a symbol to come caused. Dalyan region as a result of these efforts, the Special Environmental Protection Areas were declared to be protected.
Caretta caretta Nearby Appearance

Caretta caretta Nearby Appearance

Caretta caretta is interesting that they were born to nest on beaches and beaches gelirler.Caretta 115 cm and 150 cm in length, the weight varies between 70 and 90 kg. 25-30 years among adults become females hatch the beach elsewhere eggs do not .. in April Dalyan Iztuzu beach starts making the Caretta here that the most important food source blue yengeçlerdir.Çiftleşen females beginning in May to spawn başlıyorlar.Bu period of July to the end takes.

Normally 2-3 years, eggs Caretta caretta, tennis ball-sized eggs in their hind legs using the open that pit one buries. Various pits opened turtles instinctively eggs and which hole is in that particular not to be, as well as the moisture content by checking the most appropriate place would choose. Between 80 and 100 eggs are buried in one of these pits. Mother turtle laying eggs takes hours and is very difficult for the constant tears are falling. After laying eggs in the hollow of the natural instincts of ediyor.Dişiler camouflage, close to the offspring of the moon or full moon days of the account by opening their eyes to the world can go to the beach. At sea, encounters something that bothers him, without coming back to eggs.
Caretta caretta in Blue Water

Caretta caretta in Blue Water

Caretta caretta incubation period of approximately 60 days. At the end of incubation, fry the eggs are breaking, about 26 hours in the sand, they stand still. Then, to help each other as they start to climb toward the surface. The Cubs reached the surface, at night, full moon, followed by bright horizons, they reach the sea. Around here, if there is another source of light, offspring of the light that lights the horizon of thought and direction are surprised. This has led to the death. Therefore, sea turtles during mating season, Iztuzu Beach, evening time: 20:00 and evening hours: from 8:00 to humanity is shutting down. That eggs in the reproductive period, pets are not allowed on the here. Cause: dredge sand and eggs to prevent damage.

Coming out of the egg, until it reaches the sea turtles face many dangers and very few survive. Approximately 50-60 years of life are believed to be. Put out to open sea, the sea around the world after you reach reproductive maturity when they come again to İztuzu beach and at the same place for more generations by mating, they lay their eggs.

Caretta caretta eggs and they indicate the border of deck chairs with wooden stakes among other limitations specified string is not allowed to sunbathe.

Eggs many times, crabs, birds and foxes, as found by the yenmektedir.Yumurtaları animals such as dogs, as pups from the new world is also found in the bird feed. Eggs than those who attacked them at sea, all kinds of prey fish of around 80 sirkülasyon.Yumurtadan bekliyor.Tüm them a natural, but very few have survived in the vicinity of juveniles and adults can join.

Caretta caretta and no teeth, and very powerful jaws and saw a palates mevcuttur.Yakaladıkları crab fish prey placed in the mouth, mouth outside of the small particles in the other creatures nourishment olur.Deniz home of the biggest eater of turtles is, and sometimes at sea bag eat it they choke can
Caretta caretta puppies

Caretta caretta puppies
Sea Turtle Research, Rescue, Treatment, Rehabilitation Center

The side of the road to the beach with Iztuzu Iztuzu Beach in Turkey’s first and only Marine Turtle Research, Rescue, Treatment, Rehabilitation Center, in 2009, with the assistance of the Dalyan municipality has become a modern research center. Beach dressing cabins Iztuzu Buffet and established this year in the tent behind the Dalyan’s domestic and foreign guests are given information about sea turtles, film screenings are being held. Information area where guests, whether they go 50 yards for the swimming pool treatment or rehabilitation of the Caretta Caretta sea turtle species can be followed closely. In the center of Pamukkale University faculty members and students are working as volunteers. Sincerely welcome all the guests, students, and information about everything veriyorlar.Kaplumbağa presentation and treatment center in tents, by everyone from the Aegean meets the Mediterranean beach at least once a visit is being closely monitored, and Caretta caretta.


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