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About Dalyan Karaca Apart

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Karaca Apart


Muğla, Dalyan town in the middle by the County apartımız with your family comfortable, relaxing, affordable and high quality of our distinguished guests who want a holiday they will stay during the day in Dalyan KARACA apartments are proud to host.

Weir, a beautiful place where nature is intertwined into a charming tourist town council. Dalaman Airport is 25 km away. 2 double rooms and one room apartments and bedrooms for parents of children in the room with two beds and lockers are available station. double dish tv in the living room, 2 double sofa bed 19 Btu air conditioning, American kitchen refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines until the number of people in need of kitchen equipment and bathroom consists of toilet &. In our garden, swimming pool and restaurant, bar, free internet is available. Apartımız quiet and peaceful location in Dalyan and Dalyan is situated 5 minutes walk to the center. Our restaurant and bar drinks (cola-fanta-sprayt, soda, beer), etc.. market prices of beverages, such as microscope and with BIM is the same for every hour of the day is open to all requests.

Iztuzu Beach, Caretta Caretta turtles, Kaunos and Rock Tombs, Bacardi Beach Boat Tours, mud baths, boat and evening twilight tours, the 12 islands boat trip, sultaniye spas, ekincik dark, and caves, Sarigerme beach for a relaxing holiday experience awaits.

Desire to holiday in Dalyan the Webb site Apartımızla our valued guests, all you can see everything visually.


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